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A note from Chef Fred

I love the fact that in my position, I get to connect with so many local farmers and other purveyors in my local area here in Vermont. Woodbelly Pizza has been committed to using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients from the beginning. 

We feel it's important to connect with our region and support the community by offering organic, locally grown and harvested foods in our restaurant. It's important to us to try to honor our sense of place in the Capital city and reflect the amazing flavors of the region through our menu. 

As Head Chef of Woodbelly, I believe our guests notice these details in our pizzas and through our incredible staff who are all passionate about what they are serving. 

It's always more interesting for us if we can tell the story about where your food is coming from, and the cool part of that story is that it’s almost always from Vermont! 

Our dough is a sourdough that uses a starter that is nearly 200 years old, it’s all mixed, kneaded, folded and portioned by hand in a large dough trough. This stuff never touches a mixer. Our flour for the dough is milled right here in Vermont. Our pepperoni and our sausage are made in Windsor, Vt. The mushrooms come from Brookfield, Vt. The sauce is made fresh, from organic tomatoes, herbs and garlic, several times a week in house. The cheese blend, which does include some extra sharp Cabot Cheddar, is shredded and mixed in house. The vegetables come from a myriad of local, organic farms in our immediate area. When you grab a salad from our grab n go cooler, it’s much more than just a salad, it’s the greens that came out of Worcester, Vt. mixed with some greens grown in East Ryegate, Vt. We keep our menu items simple so that our exceptional, locally sourced toppings really shine. A lot of local people, Vermonters, have worked really hard for us to create the phenomenal pizzas that we take so much pride in offering to our guests. That, to me is really cool!