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Woodbelly is a farm-to-table catering company specializing in artisan pizza with toppings that change with the seasons and cooked in our mobile, wood-fired ovens. To complement the pizza, we offer a selection of appetizers, side dishes and desserts...

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Our Food Philosophy

Our food philosophy revolves around wholesome ingredients that nourish the people who grow them, the land they draw from, and the friends who eat them. We see food as medicine and as a powerful tool for health and wellness both in body and mind ...

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Our Team, Our People, Our Family

The People Making Things Happen At Woodbelly

David Dickson
David grew up in Burlington, Vermont, received a Bachelor’s Degree from Bates College, and was trained in kitchens in Vermont, on Cape Cod, and in Central Italy. After working as a librarian and gardener for several years in Perugia, Italy, he returned to Vermont and took a series of jobs on farms and in nurseries before joining the Cooperative in 2014. David mixes the dough, chops wood, drives trucks, and cooks pizza. David brings his attention to detail and a passion for simple handmade food to his work at Woodbelly Pizza—when he is not skiing in the Bolton backcountry.

Vetch Carreto
Vetch is a Sterling College alumnus and former conservation crew leader who joined Woodbelly in 2018. They are also currently becoming a worker-owner! Wood-butcher, gear-head, charming and adaptable, Vetch is the ultimate roustabout. They manage our equipment and our fleet of trucks and ovens, lead events, and are involved in the visioning and management of the co-op. 

Erin Barry
Erin began making pizza at the age of 15 and has safely made 20,000 pies to date. She has come to admire the grace and deliciousness of the ingredients and staff in her role as HR manager. Human Resources is a position that has also come easily to Erin; receiving a bachelor's in Human Development and family studies from the University of Rhode Island, managing a Petition Management company in Santa Cruz, California, or honing her skills at home with three children. Detail oriented, thorough, and quick to make a connection, Erin excels at managing Woodbelly's diverse cast of magical performers. 

Hailey Cohn
Hailey Cohn has worked in the restaurant business since she was a teen and has deep connections to the land and where we receive our nourishment, particularly from food that we eat. Hailey caters small retreats through her own company, is a chocolatier-herbalist, and teaches classes on herb infused confections--food as medicine. Hailey is excited to join the Woodbelly team working with clients, in the kitchen and at events!

Jocelyn McElroy
Jocelyn began working for Woodbelly in 2015 and became a worker-owner in 2018. She is an experienced event lead and works with clients on complicated and customized events, bringing grace to problem solving and a strong love of abundance and beauty to her work. She has taken on leadership roles within co-op management, staff training, business management and visioning, as well as the maintenance of trucks, trailers, and equipment. She balances her roles with Woodbelly alongside a farm life at Cate Hill Orchard and Creamery in Greensboro, VT where she tends a half-acre organic garden within the orchard. A large portion of the specialty vegetables and pizza toppings will come from that small garden plot in our 2020 season!

Lucy Schmid
Lucy grew up on the coast of Maine and spent years working at a bustling diner on the Portland Waterfront. Now in her third year with Woodbelly, she is perfecting the art of bringing pizza and humans together. From chopping garlic with gusto to intuiting a smooth flow of food service, Lucy delights in her roles as event lead and pizza maker and approaches her work with a performative flourish.


Here's What People are Saying.

"We chose Woodbelly to cater our wedding (both appetizers and dinner) and provide the bar service and we couldn’t be happier. The charcuterie and items provided for the happy hour were so tasty. Our guests were super pleased and they were just rich enough to stay satisfied until dinner. The bar options showcased Vermont’s great beers as well as tasty wines. Dinner service was timely and so delicious. All night long the service was fantastic and all staff supremely friendly and quick"

—Meghan, 2019