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So you're probably wondering who we are and what we're doing here with the combination pizza hut and farm village. An erudite observer reminds us; the glaciers are melting, giant sheets of ice with memories from before we took up the plow are calving into the sea. It's also important to walk in the woods and laugh with friends ...

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Made with naturally leavened, hand-mixed dough, and cooked on an 800+ degree hearth, our pizza aims for transcendence. The crust has just the right balance of tangy sourdough and sweet freshly ground wheat from the fertile river bottoms of the St. Lawrence (Quebec) and the Dog River (Vermont) . Fermented over two days for maximum flavor and nutrition it forms ...

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Here's What People are Saying.

"Thanks for all your hard work at our rehearsal dinner. Everyone could not rave enough and especially enjoyed the late night pizza you left behind."

—Sarah & Nick, Alerin Barn