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Woodbelly is a farm-to-table catering company specializing in artisan pizza with toppings that change with the seasons and cooked in our mobile, wood-fired ovens. To complement the pizza, we offer a selection of appetizers, side dishes and desserts...

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Our Food Philosophy

Our food philosophy revolves around wholesome ingredients that nourish the people who grow them, the land they draw from, and the friends who eat them. We see food as medicine and as a powerful tool for health and wellness both in body and mind ...

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Our Team, Our People, Our Family

The People Making Things Happen At Woodbelly

David Huck
David has been making pizza since his time in the housing and dining cooperatives of Oberlin College. He moved to Vermont in 2011, and has been making pizza, mixing dough, driving and maintaining trucks, and managing the sales, marketing, and financial needs of Woodbelly ever since. David has a hunger for best practices and synthesizes research and advice from experts, which has lead him to innovation that is grounded in what works. He loves arcane trivia.

Lucy Schmid
Lucy grew up on the coast of Maine and spent years working at a bustling diner on the Portland Waterfront. Now in her third year with Woodbelly, she is perfecting the art of bringing pizza and humans together. From chopping garlic with gusto to intuiting a smooth flow of food service, Lucy delights in her roles as event lead and pizza maker and approaches her work with a performative flourish.

Dave Dickson
Dave grew up in Burlington, Vermont, received a Bachelor’s Degree from Bates College, and was trained in kitchens in Vermont, on Cape Cod, and in Central Italy. After working as a librarian and gardener for several years in Perugia, Italy, he returned to Vermont and took a series of jobs on farms and in nurseries before joining the Cooperative in 2014. Dave mixes the dough, chops wood, drives trucks, and cooks pizza. Dave brings his attention to detail and a passion for simple handmade food to his work at Woodbelly Pizza—when he is not skiing in the Bolton backcountry.

Jocelyn McElroy
Jocelyn is the ultimate Woodbelly roustabout, balancing a farm life in Greensboro and a pizza slinging career in the big ol' city of Montpelier.  She is one of our most experienced Event Leads for complicated and high staff events and has taken on the responsibility of Events Team Lead in 2019. In addition, she maintains and fusses over our diesel trucks.  She enjoys long walks on the beach and 6 week long Sardegnan bike tours. Self identified abundance communist.  

Mollie McElroy
Mollie moved to Vermont in the Fall of 2017 and took Woodbelly in her stride.  She has been transforming our cooperative systems coming from a background in Sociology, management and team building; she nerds out about community practices, power dynamics and accountability. She is our General Manager and most recent Worker-Owner. You might see her around town walking her beautiful (and ridiculous) Australian Cattle Dog with her darling husband, Greg. 


Here's What People are Saying.

"We had Woodbelly pizza at our wedding after party in Stowe, Vermont this past September, and it was amazing!!! Guests are still raving about it!"

—Katherine, 2017