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Our History & Cooperative

Woodbelly was started in 2008 by two friends on a CSA farm in Morrisville, selling our pizza at the local market there. We also made the trip to Montpelier every Friday night to prepared our dough on a friend's porch for the morning Farmers Market.

Born out of the cooperative spirit and the gift of friendship, Woodbelly is now organized as a worker-owned cooperative. Worker-owners participate in management and share in the profit based on the number of hours they contribute, much like the way co-op food store members receive "patronage" based on dollars spent. 

We now mix our dough in a real kitchen and head to events the same day they are going to happen. We know that our food—from hand, from friends—tastes better and means more than any mass-produced "fast casual" can hope for. Join us in sharing the gift of nourishing food and conversation at our next event . . . or yours.

Laughter and full bellies will follow . . .


Here's What People are Saying.

We used Woodbelly for our September wedding at The West Monitor Barn and it could not have gone better! It was the perfect setting for the pizza oven and our guests loved watching the pizzas come out of the oven during cocktail hour. We chose woodfired pizza for our wedding because A. we love it and B. [...] we were able to get an amazing gourmet dinner and appetizers for a great price! [...] David was extremely easy to work with and was able to feed all of our guests with allergy's as well"

—Kelsey, 2017