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Caledonia Spirits Opening Creeping Closer; Pizza At Distillery Not so Far Off

During the winter, Woodbelly and Caledonia began talks about what a wood-fired pizza offering could look like at their new riverside distillery on Barre St (technically Gin Lane) in Montpelier. That reality is about to come to fruition and every day we see greater progress. We will have more news to share in the weeks ahead. If you want to stay up to date on what's happening, just check back in or sign up for our email newsletter for the latest.

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Airtable helps worker-owned cooperative improve and streamline wood-fired corporate and event catering

Airtable is a google spreadsheet on steroids, a powerful relational database that allows users to customize it for their unique use cases. Beginning in 2015, Woodbelly implemented a series of tables to manage costs, predict topping quantities, track hours and track sales and marketing objectives. In 2019, we are using it to keep track of the profitability of specific events and are developing tools to reserve our "assets" (like ovens) to create a more seamless customer booking process

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Montpelier Farmer's Market Moves Downtown for 3 weeks

The Montpelier Farmer's Market (Saturday 9-1pm) is moving downtown September 23, 30 and October 7th. Come find our wood-fired oven at the corner of state and main.

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New Website! Serious about Social

It's spiffy, and we're going to start actually updating our social media feeds (instagram!) so you can keep up with us on what's going on.

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