Caledonia Spirits Opening Creeping Closer; Pizza At Distillery Not so Far Off

After a long winter (and some really deep snow, even in Central Vermont)! We're excited to let our Montpelier, Barre, Middlesex and Plainfield neighbors know that we will be opening Fridays and Sundays at the new Caledonia Spirits Distillery on Gin Lane (right off the bike path along the Winooski river). The exact date isn't set yet, so please check back, or sign up for our email newsletter for the latest info. 

Each day, we see the construction progress and are impressed by how fast they are finishing the site. In addition to serving pizza, we have plans to add fried dough, salads and other menu items that will vary by time of day and day of week. With lots of beautiful outdoor space, we anticipate this being a destination for neighbors and families as well as out of town visitors and people on the various brewery and distillery tours. 

We are continuing to think of how the flavors of gin and honey can be best matched on pizza. What pizza toppings do you imagine going with a Bees' Knees or a Tom Cat Old Fashioned? Come to Caledonia and join us to find out!